Here in Michigan we’re surrounded by amazing sand dunes that seem to rise up out of the Great Lakes. Many of us use these dunes for sledding or snowboarding in the winter, but they don’t get the love they deserve … Continued

Sterling State Park

Huge fresh water lakes and beautiful beaches surround the state of Michigan. If you want to check out Lake Erie, the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes, head over to Sterling State Park, located in southeastern Michigan. This is the … Continued

Improving Air Quality in Your RV

Aaahhh … smell the fresh summer air that surrounds you in the great outdoors. You’ve left behind the smog and pollution of the big city and have stepped into one of the few places left that is relatively untouched by harmful … Continued

Make-Ahead Banana Pancakes

Frozen, store-bought pancakes take up a lot of space inside a small RV refrigerator and they’re loaded with preservatives! But everyone loves pancakes, and they’re great to have on crisp mornings at your campsite picnic table. We’re not suggesting that … Continued

How to Make Waterproof Shoes

When you spend a large chunk of change on a new pair of shoes, you expect them to last! While it should be as simple as just stepping into them and enjoying how they look and feel on your feet, … Continued