Campfire Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped potatoes are a delicious side and a wonderful comfort food. When I make scalloped potatoes I’m reminded of dinners my grandmother used to make. And with this recipe, I can enjoy the nostalgic deliciousness of them around the campfire … Continued

Basic Camping Knots

When you’re exploring in the great outdoors, you may need to create a basic knot with rope in order to carry firewood or secure rope to a tree. So it will come in handy to know a few basic camping knots … Continued

Penny Flip Hike

Hiking in the great outdoors is a staple of any camping trip and can be fun to do in different ways. If you find yourself on a trail system that has a lot of different directions you can go, such … Continued

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

With around 650,000 visitors every year, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. You’ll enjoy beautiful sculptures and discover tons of learning opportunities around every corner of this magnificent park. The whole family will … Continued

Keeping Mice and Pests Out of Your RV

Mice and other pests are always looking for a warm place to set up camp in the winter, and your RV in storage is exactly what they’re looking for. It’s quiet, dark, and warm, and they can enjoy undisturbed living for months. … Continued

Uncommon Campfire Cooking Tips

Campfire cooking is the best. There’s nothing quite like preparing a meal surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors. To make this experience even better, we’ve compiled some uncommon campfire cooking tips that will boost the flavor of your dishes and even … Continued

How Big of an RV Can I Tow?

“How big of an RV can I tow?” is one question we hear a lot! With all the different weights and numbers that apply to both an RV and a tow vehicle, it’s no wonder so many people are confused. We’re going to … Continued

What Toys Fit in a Toy Hauler

Toy hauler RVs offer the luxury of being able to travel with the outdoor toys you and your family love! From kayaks and paddle boards to dirt bikes and ATVs, toy haulers can anything. But the key to knowing exactly … Continued

Why RVs Don’t Have Prices On Them

If you’ve noticed that we don’t have pricing on our website, you’re not alone. We frequently hear, “Why can’t I find any prices on your site?” So we want to let you know why our RVs don’t have prices on … Continued

Packing for Kids RVing Checklist

When you’re heading out on a camping trip with the kids, there are quite a few more things you will need to pack for them than you would normally. They tend to get messier and dirtier in the great outdoors, and … Continued