Different Types Of RV Packages, What They Include, and Which RVs Have Them

Shopping for a new RV? There can be a lot of information to get lost in, especially when browsing feature lists to find all the perfect items to fit your needs! We have hundreds of RVs for sale in Grand Rapids here at TerryTown RV Superstore that you can browse through both in-store and online. We’re here to help you understand the different packages offered on many RV models to help you narrow down your search for the RV of your dreams! Let’s take a look at the different types of RV packages, what they include, and which RVs have them!

What Is a “Package”?

Whether you’re browsing our online selection of Michigan RVs for sale and reading our detailed walk-through descriptions, or scanning a straightforward features list right off the manufacturer’s website, you may notice that certain sections have the name “package” tacked on the end of a list name. What exactly does that mean? The unfortunate reality is that the term “package” can be slightly misleading in some cases, but this doesn’t mean you’re not getting a fantastic value! Many manufacturers denote a list of features as a package, such as an “entertainment package.” Upon comparing models, you’ll most likely find that many of these features come standard in almost all RVs. It’s important to do your homework to know what items are truly unique and superior, as RV manufacturers like to try to convey added value to fairly standard items to entice customers. If the package is listed under the “standards” column, double check to see if there is anything extraordinary about the package that will make it worth your while! On the other hand, there are some packages out there that are a total step up from the ordinary and will take your rig to the next level with some awesome features! These can be anything from improved construction, residential features like furniture and electronics, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and much more! Just be sure to take an in-depth look at features lists, as some of the really impressive packages may only be offered as an option and will not come included in the base price. If you’re unsure, contact our TerryTown RV specialists to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want for the price you’re willing to pay! Let’s take a look at some of the different types of packages offered on some of our RVs for sale in West Michigan, and some of the specific models we have in stock that offer these packages!

Weather Packages

If you’re looking to extend your RV travels past the end of the regular camping season, or plan on heading to some seriously warmer climates, you’ll definitely want an RV with a good weather package! These types of packages typically offer higher-rated insulation than what is usually offered in RVs to help keep the cold at bay. Heated and enclosed holding tanks and underbellies are almost always included as well, with some that are ducted to help warm air aid in the heating process. You’ll also appreciate a higher-output furnace, usually around 40,000 to 45,000-BTU to keep you feeling toasty. Also, depending on the model, you may be able to choose an RV with a fireplace (or sometimes even two!) for added warmth and a cozier atmosphere! On the other hand, some manufacturers, like Jayco, offer great standard cooling packages too. So whether you’re holed up in the middle of a blizzard in Minnesota or setting up camp in the middle of the Mojave Desert, these packages will have you covered!

Jayco—Eagle, Eagle HT, North Point, Pinnacle, Designer

Jayco takes great strides to offer exclusive packages to cater to the needs of campers! Although some of these features aren’t exactly unique, some are indeed better than what other manufacturers are offering, and are pretty up front with the packages they offer to ensure that you, the customer, know that you’ll be set to camp in any weather! The best part? They run standard on higher-end models so you can enjoy the utmost in luxury and comfort!

Climate Shield™ Zero-Degree-Tested Weather Protection

    • Protected PEX plumbing
    • High-BTU furnace
    • Fully enclosed and heated ducted underbelly
    • Double layer fiberglass insulation

Helix Cooling System™

    • Duct design exclusive to Jayco
    • A/C vents
    • Larger return air vents w/ user-accessible filters
    • Exterior 15,000-BTU “Whisper Quiet” A/C unit

Forest River Sandpiper—Polar Tech Package

    • Thermal pane windows
    • Heated holding tanks
    • R-38E roof and floor insulation
    • 40,000-BTU furnace
    • Double fiberglass insulation

Off-Road Packages

If you’re not one to set up camp and chum around campgrounds, you’ll probably want an RV that can go where others can’t! If you’re into boondocking or like heading out to more secluded areas, an off-road package will help get you there! The most noticeable differences include tougher, larger all-terrain tires, as well as a chassis that sits higher off the ground so that things like uneven ground, rocks, and other obstacles won’t tear up your undercarriage! These packages are mostly offered on pop-up campers and smaller, lightweight travel trailers, which are easier to tow in tougher terrains.

Forest River Rockwood—Baja Package

    • 15-inch off-road mud tires
    • 5-inch ground clearance
    • double entry step

Forest River Rockwood—Extreme Sports Package

    • Optional racks on top of unit for kayaks, bikes, and any other larger items
    • Sleeker, tougher design
    • Mud rover radial tires on certain models
    • Storage decks on certain models

Dry Camping Packages

Similar to off-road packages, you can opt for an RV that features a dry camping package, which allows you to camp off the grid. These units will either come with a fairly powerful generator, solar prep, or both so you won’t have to depend on shore power to complete all your day-to-day activities. They will also come stocked with appliances and systems designed specifically for the output from solar power or generators so that you don’t waste power trying to do menial tasks. Availability on these packages can range from small travel trailers to large fifth wheels and toy haulers so you can pick just what you want for an off-the-grid adventure!

Coachmen Chaparral—Dry Camping Package

    • 12-volt components including:
    • LED interior lighting
    • Slide outs
    • Stereo

Entertainment Packages

Whether you’re a full-time RVer or just like to stay entertained while away from home, an RV with a great entertainment package could be perfect for you! These are usually included standard on particular brands of RVs, but are definitely a step up from smaller, less impressive counterparts! You’ll usually find these packages in upscale fifth wheels, in some park model trailers, and occasionally in higher-end travel trailers. Sometimes packages will even include upgraded furniture, like power theater sofas and more to make you feel like you’re actually at the movies!

Keystone Alpine—Cinema Package

    • 50-inch LED TV
    • Name brand sound system
    • Outside speakers
    • Digital TV antenna with a built-in booster
    • Dual cable and satellite hookups

Luxury Packages

If you like to incorporate a touch of elegance into everything you do, look for an RV with a luxury package! You’ll usually find these packages nestled in with the standard features, but a luxury package list gives you a totally clear picture about what sets this RV apart! You won’t have to sift through the entire list just to see what is different and more appealing about the RV you’re looking at, making it super easy to compare between other RVs. You’ll find luxury packages on high-end travel trailers, fifth wheels, park trailers, and toy haulers for sale here at TerryTown RV!

Forest River RiverStone—Extended Stay Luxury Package

    • Bedroom fireplace
    • Stackable washer/dryer
    • Stainless dishwasher
    • 12-volt heated holding tanks
    • 110-volt refrigerator

Other Packages

Packages can vary greatly between different models. Many will have a section in their features list with a model-specific package, like the Cedar Creek Champagne Package, for example. These are usually a blend of everyday features combined with great upscale features that are meant to impress! Again, don’t be fooled by something that calls itself a “package”, as the features may not be all that different from standard RVs! For example, a graphics package indicates that your RV will come standard with graphics, just like almost every single RV on the market does. An upholstery or fabrics package just shows you the different colors that are available, but sometimes can offer an linked here upgrade of a more premium fabric. Really, if a list says “package,” just be sure to take a closer look to see if there is really anything out of the ordinary you can’t live without! Hopefully this has cleared up what the different types of RV packages are, what they include, and which RVs have them! We just want you to be confident that you’re choosing an RV with all the right features that you’ll enjoy traveling with! We know that searching for the perfect RV can be overwhelming as there are seemingly endless options, but if you discover that you just can’t seem to find the right one, use our handy custom build tool! You’ll be able to choose all the right features to build a one-of-a-kind RV with all the right packages and features for you! Choose the #1 RV dealer in Michigan, TerryTown RV, and get started today!

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