DIY Spa-In-a-Jar: Make Your RV Trip All the More Stress-Free

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself! Since a vast majority of campgrounds out there don’t have an on-site spa, you’ll have to bring the spa along with you! Since the space inside an RV is restricted and means you can’t bring along all of your full-sized spa materials, you have to get creative! Put together a super charming DIY spa-in-a-jar to make your RV spa day happen! This will help make your RV trip more stress-free so you can relax and feel your best!

These spa jars are an amazing space saver, as you can put all your favorite luxuries in one compact space! A spa-in-a-jar even makes a fantastic gift, especially to other RVers, and can be customized with cute labels, ribbon, and jar toppers!

Start off with a large mason jar, or use an empty, clean bulk glass jar that is big enough for all the items you’d like to include! Hit up your favorite stores like Lush, Bath & Body Works, and The Body Shop, or use this as an opportunity to try some DIY projects of your favorite products! Here are some neat ideas of items to include in your spa-in-a-jar!


A fantastic staple of any good spa experience is a scrub! Since you’ll have limited room in your jar, you’ll probably want to go with a general body scrub that will be good for everything from the feet to the face! If you feel like your lips will need some exfoliating too, throw in lip scrub, as they tend to come in small containers that are perfect for a spa-in-a-jar!


You’ll want to stay moisturized after a relaxing spa session, so pack some lotion into your spa-in-a-jar and lock in that moisture to make your relaxing bath time last longer!

Face Masks

Sheet face masks are incredibly popular right now, and are great for anything from skin brightening, purifying, tightening, and moisturizing! They’re also super inexpensive, with some averaging less than $1 per mask! Include a couple in your jar, or use a small container of your favorite cream or clay face mask and your skin will thank you!

Bath Salts/Bubble Bath/Bath Tea

This may be less practical for RV travel, but if your RV has a bath tub that’s big enough for you to comfortably take a bath, include a refreshing bath enhancer to pamper and relax yourself! There are so many soothing options out there, from classic bubble bath, to calming bath salts, bath tea, or even indulge with your favorite bath bomb!

Nail Accessories

What’s a good spa day without a mani or pedi? You could use some pampering, even while traveling! Include a small manicure set in your spa-in-a-jar, along with a nail file, a small bottle of nail polish remover, toe separators, and your favorite nail polish color so you can feel pretty even out in the wilderness!

Small Candles

If you’re looking for total relaxation, include a small votive candle in your jar! This will add a lovely ambiance to your RV spa experience! Just remember to exercise caution when burning a candle in an RV, as a fire can spread quickly! If you don’t want to take the risk, use LED candles instead! They add the same flickering effect without the heat or flame!

Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash

Instead of bringing along full-sized bottles, add some travel-sized versions of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to your spa jar, which will save on space! Include your favorite brands, or splurge and get an upscale luxury formula for a more glamorous experience!


If you add body wash to your jar, include a loofah or sponge to your jar so you can lather up luxuriously! This is more practical if you are using a larger jar, and makes more sense if you’re making a kit as a gift for someone else! If you’re making it for yourself, just stow one away in your RV bathroom’s cupboards or right in the shower to save space for other items in your spa-in-a-jar!

Chapstick/Lip Balm

A moisturizing chapstick or lip balm should definitely be a staple of any spa-in-a-jar, especially when camping! Be sure to choose a product with some SPF protection to avoid uncomfortable sunburn on your lips while you’re out adventuring!

Foot Soak

After a day on the trails or if you’re just looking to have a relaxing night in, a relaxing foot soak will be much appreciated! You don’t need a large quantity of this, so why not add some to your jar? Remember to pack a foot bath or large container for your soak!


Although you’ll probably be bringing makeup along in a separate bag, you could always put smaller staple items into your spa-in-a-jar so you can easily find them when you need them! This is especially great if you’re low maintenance and don’t need a whole separate makeup kit; everything you’ll need will be right in your jar! Include items like mascara, eyeliner, small eyeshadow palettes, lip color, etc.

Hair Ties/Bobby Pins

We all know that the black hole for hair ties and bobby pins exists. Set your hair tie down one moment and POOF, it’s mysteriously gone the next! Include a few extra hair ties and bobby pins in your jar and you’ll never be without them!

Isn’t this such a thoughtful and adorable DIY project? You’ll enjoy putting together these spa-in-a-jar packages almost as much as you’ll enjoy using them! They’re great for relieving the stress that can sometimes come with RV travel, and are so compact that they’re perfect for even some of the smallest RV bathrooms! What items couldn’t you live without in your spa-in-a-jar? Comment with your favorite spa items, DIY recipes, or other fun ideas!

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