How To Remove Bug Splatter From Your RV

When road tripping or traveling, the front of your RV is likely to pick up a few winged casualties along the way. And the remains of these stuck-on bugs is anything but appealing to the eye. So if the front of your RV is starting to look like a revolting graveyard of dead insects, your rig might be ready for a cleaning! Here’s how to remove bug splatter from your RV!

Best Cleaning Products

Soap and Water Solution—A standard mixture of car wash soap and water can effectively clean bug splatter from your RV. Start by dipping a towel into the solution and then placing it over the affected areas of your RV. Let it soak for a few minutes so that the dried-on bugs will loosen up and wipe away with ease.

WD-40—This multi-purpose product can be used for removing more than just bug splatter! From bird droppings to tree sap, WD-40 works wonders! To use, just spray the affected areas of your RV with WD-40, and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Then just wipe it off and watch the bug bodies disappear! Rinse the area with soapy water to complete.

Dryer Sheets—Surprisingly, dryer sheets can be an effective tool for saying goodbye to stuck-on bugs. Simply moisten the dryer sheet in water and use it, like you would a cloth, to wipe away the insects. You can also place a couple of dryer sheets into a spray bottle with some water, and mist the solution onto the affected areas. Then use a cloth to wipe the area down and get the bugs off.

Best Cleaning Tools

  • Norwex/Chamois Cloth
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Bug Sponge
  • Wash Mitt

Tips For Removing Bug Splatter From Your RV

  • Remove bugs frequently. The longer you wait to clean them off, the harder they will be to remove. Frequent cleaning is especially important when traveling in the spring or fall, when bugs are most abundant.
  • While oil-based products might work great on your grill, side mirrors, and hood, avoid using them on your windshield. They will leave behind streaky residue when applied to glass.
  • When using any of the cleaning products above, if you’re having a hard time getting the insects off, soak the affected area in hot water to let the bugs soak and loosen. Between 15-30 minutes is the preferred time for really stuck-on bugs.
  • After cleaning your RV, consider applying a wax solution to the areas hit most by bugs so that you can more easily remove bug splatter in the future. Rejex is a protective vehicle wax that works really well for this purpose!

You might not be able to avoid hitting bugs, but with these solutions you can avoid having to look at their stuck-on remains! Do you have any other tips, tricks, or insights into removing bug splatter from RVs? Let us know in the comments!

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