Leveling your RV Easily

There are a number of reasons to make sure that your RV is properly leveled. A leveled RV is more stable and less likely to rock and sway in the wind, making it a safer home away from home for you and your family. A leveled RV also helps to ensure that everything inside of it works properly. If your RV is not leveled correctly, you may find that your refrigerator door won’t close easily or may open unexpectedly. For comfort when sitting or sleeping inside the RV, you’ll appreciate the time you took to level it properly. Sitting on an angle or feeling like you’re going to roll out of bed isn’t anyone’s idea of comfortable accommodations. Leveling your RV isn’t difficult, and with these tips, you’ll be leveling your RV easily in no time.

What You Need

Some RVs are equipped with a self-leveling system to make leveling your RV a snap! With the push of a button you’re level and ready to go. If your RV isn’t equipped with a self-leveling system, no worries. You’ll just need a few tools to get the job done. The first thing you need is a bubble level that will indicate which end of your RV is too high or too low. You will also need leveling blocks. You can purchase leveling blocks specific for RV use. Or you can buy some 2×10 boards and use them as leveling blocks. 

How to Level the RV

Your RV needs to be leveled in two ways: right to left and front to back.

You want to start with right to left first.

  1. Once you have your RV parked in your spot, place the bubble level on the floor inside the RV. This will show you which side needs to be raised up.
  2. Outside the RV, make a mark in the dirt behind the tire that needs to be raised up.
  3. Pull the RV forward and place your leveling blocks in front of the line you made. Back the RV into place so the tire is on top of the leveling blocks.
  4. Check the level again and repeat steps 2 and 3 until the bubble is in the center of the level. Stack up more leveling blocks if you need more height.

Leveling front to back is easy.

  1. Bring your jacks down far enough so that you can unhitch your vehicle and pull it forward.
  2. Once you have the vehicle unhitched, go inside and set up your bubble level to see which end needs to go up.
  3. Using your jacks, raise the end of the trailer that needs to be brought up. Check your level for accuracy. Continue this until the bubble is in the center of the level.

Always take time to read your RV owner’s manual so that you know how to properly use your jacks and any other systems your RV is equipped with. Even if your RV has a self-leveling system, acquaint yourself with how to deploy things manually in the event that you don’t have power or something goes wrong with the system. Having a level RV will make your time in the great outdoors so much easier and more comfortable. Don’t camp on a slant … learn how to level your RV easily with our quick tips.  

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