Packing for Kids RVing Checklist

When you’re heading out on a camping trip with the kids, there are quite a few more things you will need to pack for them than you would normally. They tend to get messier and dirtier in the great outdoors, and they need items for amusement and comfort. Use this great packing for kids RVing checklist to ensure that you don’t forget any of their necessities, and they can even help check items off the list too!

You’ll see that there are a few items with a blank line in front of them. This allows you to customize your list to include the amount of items you need to pack based on the location and duration of your trip. We’ve even added a few blank spots on the list so you can write in anything you may need that we’ve forgotten.

There are some items on the list that are for younger children, so if you have a big kid, let them just cross off the stuff they don’t need. It can be empowering for them to show that they don’t need it, especially if it’s something they’ve just given up, such as diapers or a sippy cup.

See the list below or

• _____ Pairs of Socks • _____ Shirts • _____ Pairs of Pants • _____ Pajamas • Tennis Shoes • Jacket/Rain Coat • Hat • Flashlight • Extra Batteries • Sleeping Bag • Camera • Sunscreen • Water Bottle • Sippy Cups • Coloring Books • Card Games • Books • Sand Pail/Shovel • Snorkel/Mask • Handheld video games • Backpack • Kite • Toothpaste • Toothbrush • Hairbrush/Comb • Laundry Bag • Potty Chair (for toddlers) • Bibs • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ • _____ Pairs of Underwear • _____ Sweatshirts/Hoodies • _____ Pairs of Shorts • Flip Flops/Sandals • Rain Boots • Swim Suit • Water Shoes • Pillow • Stuffed Animal • Towels • Bug Spray • Sunglasses • Snacks • Paper • Crayons/Markers/Colored Pencils • Pens/Pencils • Glow Sticks • Games • Inflatable Beach Toys • Balls/Frisbees • Butterfly Net • Shampoo/Conditioner • Soap • Deodorant • Chap Stick • Diapers • Wipes   • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________ • _______________________________________

Forgetting items like toothpaste and marshmallow skewers on a camping trip can be frustrating. But forgetting your child’s favorite stuffed animal they cannot sleep without can be torture for everyone. A sobbing child can bring a fun camping trip to a halt in no time flat, so use this helpful checklist to avoid anything of value being left behind. Especially when in an unfamiliar place, the comforts of home can go very far in helping to make a camping trip a pleasant experience for children.

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