RV Tips: 5 Must-Have Gadgets for First-Time RVers

So, you’ve just taken home a new Forest River Salem FSX 177BH travel trailer from TerryTown RV, and you’re ready to take it for its maiden voyage? Check out these RV tips for must-have RV gear to get you started! If you’re unsure what equipment you need to get yourself settled in at the campground, we’re here to help!


Wheel Chocks

One of the first things you need to make sure you’ve got packed for your RVing trip is a set of wheel chocks. You can get by with using large rocks or a couple of wooden blocks, or get a set of reliable, plastic ones from our parts department!

Water Pressure Regulator and Filter

Two more must-haves are a water pressure regulator and a filter. You’ll want a water pressure regulator that can be set to 40PSI because the piping throughout most RVs is built to withstand up to 40PSI when hooked up. However, some city water hookups are actually too powerful for your piping and can cause things to loosen. Additionally, a filter helps to ensure your water is clean no matter who used the hookup before you.


We recommend getting a set of hoses and color coding them, so they don’t get mixed up. You’ll need a white hose for fresh water, a green hose for general use around the campsite, and a black hose for cleaning the black tank and all its supplies. You’ll want to store the black hose separately from the others to avoid contamination.

boys with a hose
The green hose is a great way to keep the kids busy on hot days!

Surge Protector

An RV surge protector is the best way to protect your RV’s electrical system from unexpected damage. If you’re staying at a campground during a large storm, having a surge protector will give you the peace of mind you need to know that your RV is safe from electrical damage as a result.

Slides Jacks

If you have any RV with slide-outs and you plan to use your RV for an extended stay, you’re going to want to get some slide jacks. These prop up under your slides and help give a little extra support while they’re the slides are out.

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