RV Tips: 7 Ways to Keep Your RV Clean This Spring

Keeping your RV clean can seem like an overwhelming and sometimes impossible task. With as little space as there is in an RV, things can look cluttered and seem cramped fast. You should take care to keep everything as tidy as you can. These seven ways to keep your RV clean this spring will help keep your space fresh and open.

tidy rv at campground

Use A Wet/Dry Mop

A wet/dry mop is an excellent tool for cleaning your RV. Saving space should be your top priority, and having cleaning implements that can clean and dry surfaces and be used as a wet mop will significantly benefit you. You should use a wet/dry mop to keep your floors clean.

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Set Up Somewhere to Keep Your Shoes

Set up a designated area for people to leave their shoes as soon as they enter your RV. Wearing shoes inside will track in dirt and debris from outside, making a mess of your RV. You will end up having to sweep and mop more frequently.

Shoes by the door

Get a Door Mat

A doormat will give everyone a place to wipe their shoes off before they get inside. You want to keep as much dirt from outside away from your floors as possible. A doormat will help to catch any dirt that could be tracked in from people going in and out.

Sweep Often

Sweeping your floors often is going to be crucial when it comes to keeping your RV clean. You will be going in and out of your RV often, and the floors will become littered with outdoor debris. Set a regular sweeping schedule to keep your RV clean and tidy.

Keep Disinfecting Wipes Easy To Access

Disinfectant wipes are a great way to ensure that your RV remains clean. Keeping disinfectant wipes all over your RV is a convenient way to ensure that the surfaces of your RV remain clean. You can keep packages of wipes near your seating area, on your counter, in your bathroom, and anywhere else you think they might be useful.

Use Microfiber Cloths for Your Windows

Streaky and dirty windows make your RV seem less clean than it is, even if the interior is spotless. You should take the time to properly clean your windows as well as everything else in your RV. Microfiber cloths are the best way to clean glass surfaces without leaving streaks. Keep these clothes with your cleaning supplies in your RV.

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Cover Your Stairs

You should do everything you can to protect your floors from the elements. Covering your stairs will help keep them safe from the dirt that will be dragged in from outside. Stair coverings will help you to keep your RV clean all spring.

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