Why RVs Don’t Have Prices On Them

If you’ve noticed that we don’t have pricing on our website, you’re not alone. We frequently hear, “Why can’t I find any prices on your site?” So we want to let you know why our RVs don’t have prices on them.

TerryTown RV is located beautiful Grand Rapids, MI, which is one of the New York Times’ “52 Places to Go in 2016.” Not only is this a great city to visit, but it’s also located only a couple of hours from many of our manufacturers, including Heartland and Keystone. Because of this, we get great delivery rates from them, which in turn allows us to keep our prices low for you, our valued customer. We work hard to build a solid relationship with our manufacturers in order to pass along the amazing savings they offer us! However, in the name of competition, our manufacturers ask us to sign a contract that states that we will not post our prices online. They know that if we were to post these incredible prices, our competitors wouldn’t be able to compete.

Another valid reason for not posting our prices online is because the price of an RV can change depending on many factors. You might choose to upgrade your new RV with an available package, or you might have a credit from an RV that you’re trading in toward your purchase. Or perhaps there’s a current promotion that will lower the cost of your new RV. With these variables, the price isn’t set in stone. And since we can’t post our best price, we don’t want to post any at all! Instead we work directly with you to find the best RV for you and your budget. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to assist you in finding your dream RV!

It wasn’t by accident that TerryTown RV was named one of RV Business’ Top 50 Dealers! This is a result of our amazing prices, huge inventory, and excellent customer service. We value our customers and love offering the options of affordable camping trips and family vacations for years to come!

Visit TerryTown RV in person or browse our inventory online and find out why we’re one of the top RV dealerships in the nation! We guarantee you will not be disappointed with our great prices or experienced staff.

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