5 Signs You Need To Replace Your RV Awning

Awnings are an important, yet often overlooked, element of RV living. Whether it is sunny or rainy outside, awnings provide the shade and shelter necessary to comfortably enjoy the great outdoors. No matter how well you preserve your awning, it is eventually going to have to be replaced, and knowing when the time is right can be tricky. So to give you a better idea, here are 5 signs it’s time to replace your RV awning.

Your awning won’t open and close properly

If you have to stress and sweat to close your RV’s awning, it is probably time to swap the old out with the new. Properly functioning awnings should smoothly open and close without resistance, so if you have to fight to get your awning in place, think about replacing it.

There’s noticeable damage to your awning’s structure

Don’t wait until you’re questioning the structural integrity of your awning before getting it replaced. You should routinely inspect your awning’s hardware for dents, bends, and any warping that can occur over time. Compromised awnings can collapse during use and cause serious injury, so if you notice visible damage, replace your awning as soon as possible.

You can’t properly adjust your awning

Being able to control and lock the pitch of your RV’s awning is essential to ensuring that rainwater flows properly off of it. If you find yourself forcing components into place when adjusting the pitch of your awning, you could be causing additional damage to your RV. Don’t underestimate or ignore what you think is a minor awning issues. Replace your old one and avoid any larger damage to your RV.

The fabric of your awning is unsightly

It is recommended that you clean your awning fabric at least once per year, but even with proper upkeep your awning’s material can still develop ugly mildew and mold stains, sun damage, and rot spots. If any of these eyesores look familiar, you might not need to get an entirely new awning, but you will want to replace your awning’s fabric before the problems worsen.

Your awning shows signs of excessive wear

Mother Nature can take a toll on your RV’s awning with excessive rain, sun damage, and possible snow build-up. Holes, tears, and fraying are all tell-tale signs of excessive wear letting you know that it’s time to replace your RV’s awning.
Awnings do more than just protect from the elements, they extend the living area of your RV to let you enjoy the outdoors under shelter and shade. Don’t overlook the importance of making sure your awning is performing properly. If you notice any of these 5 signs while evaluating your RV, invest in a new awning and enjoy your next adventure free from worry and uncertainty.

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