Anti-Sway/Suspension Upgrades: Enhancements For a Smoother Ride

If you’ve ever found yourself white knuckling it down the highway in heavy winds or cringing at every sharp corner you take with your rig, you’re not alone, but you’re also not without a solution. There are plenty of aftermarket products and RV enhancements that you can take advantage of to gain a more stable ride with less body roll and better handling. To learn more about these anti-sway systems, suspension upgrades, and other modifications for a smoother ride, check out these products and consider making a purchase for your RV!

Anti-Sway Bars

All it takes is a powerful gust of wind or a sharp corner to accentuate the top-heavy design of your RV. Luckily, sway bars can be used to combat the negative results of heavy winds and shifts in weight when making turns. With sway bars installed, pressure exerted to either side of the RV is countered by either the front or back bars which use the weight of either the front of rear axle as a brace against the chassis. As a result, you’ll notice a reduction in body roll and more resistance to leaning as you pivot around corners.

Steering Stabilizers

When driving down rough roads or being passed by big trucks, it can be impossible not to notice the shaking, shuddering, and rattling of your hands as they grip the steering wheel. Or perhaps you’ve gone to reach for your drink only to have the steering wheel veer dramatically the second your hand comes off. These steering issues can be very annoying, especially during long road trips when you’re spending hours behind the wheel. However, with the installation of a steering stabilizer you will notice a dramatic reduction in how much your steering wheel moves, and an improvement in your ability to stay in your lane and maintain a straight path. Like steering stabilizers, trac bars can also be used to prevent your RV from wobbling and easily wandering into other lanes.

Shock Absorbers

If you’ve ever towed or driven your RV down bumpy, poorly-maintained roads, then you know how badly movement can be exacerbated with the extra weight of your rig. Shock absorbers are designed to resist movement and put less stress on your suspension, frame, and the components inside your RV. With these aftermarket products installed, you’ll immediately notice the reduction of impact as you drive over bumps, ruts, and dips in the road.

Weight Distribution Hitches

In addition to maximizing the amount of weight that you can haul, installing a weight distribution hitch will also improve the overall handling of your ride. These hitches are designed to disperse the weight evenly throughout the axles to prevent any diving. And with the weight balanced out, you’ll notice that you are able to control your RV more easily and the potential for losing control is not nearly as threatening.

If you want to improve driver control and comfort, then consider installing some of these modifications and upgrades to your RV! If you don’t feel comfortable doing the installations yourself, contact your local RV service center and leave it up to the professionals! Have you added any of these enhancements to your RV? Leave us a comment and let us know how they worked for you!

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