Brilliant Tips To Make RV Beds More Comfortable

For many, heading out in your RV is a fun vacation, or a full-time adventure! It’s your time for relaxation, so why should you have to sleep on an uncomfortable bed? Forget about those restless and uncomfortable nights spent tossing and turning! Here are some brilliant tips to make RV beds more comfortable!

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are a great way to add oftentimes much-needed padding and comfort to uncomfortable RV beds! Although these can be a rather expensive addition, typically ranging anywhere from $50 to $100, sometimes more, the level of comfort that these mattress toppers add is worth it!

Because RV beds can have irregular dimensions, it can be difficult to find a topper that will exactly fit your mattress. If you have to purchase a mattress topper that is a bit too big for your existing mattress, you can purchase a mattress cover that will both protect your mattress topper and also help the topper to stay on a smaller bed! Or if you’re willing to take the scissors to your pricy investment, you could cut the topper to the exact dimensions you need.

Foam Pads

Many beds in standard RVs come on a plywood base, which, to say the least, is extremely uncomfortable. And without the presence of a box spring mattress to give that extra level of cushion, even some of the best mattresses have their work cut out for them. A great and inexpensive trick is to add handy foam padding under your mattress to provide an extra layer of comfort against stiff, unforgiving bed bases! These anti-fatigue mats can be found in most retail and hardware stores, and include a set of foam squares. You can easily cut squares to fit your bed, and you’ll be left with a comfy padding that will give you a great night’s sleep!


Although the padding of your bed has most to do with nighttime comfort, even something as simple as using different bedding can add a whole different level of comfort to your RV bed! If your bed came standard with an uncomfortable bedspread, consider picking up a more comfortable and breathable bed set!

Depending on the type of bed you have will determine the size of bedding you should get! If you’re on a standard bed with room at the foot of the mattress, you can keep the sheets and comforter true to size. However, if your bed is located in a slide out, like in a pop-up or hybrid trailer, it could be a lot less hassle to purchase sheets the same size as your bed, but purchase a flat sheet and comforter a size smaller to avoid a large amount of excess blanket!

Getting a restful night’s sleep when RVing is important, but an uncomfortable or worn out mattress can make it next to impossible! Now that you know these brilliant tips to make RV beds more comfortable, you’ll be out like a light night after night! Have any other tips to make your RV bed more comfortable? Share them with us in the comments!

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