Campfire Hot Ham ‘n Cheese Sandwiches

After a day of outdoor adventure and fun, the last thing you want to do when you get back to your campsite is spend a lot of time making dinner. Everyone is tired and hungry, including you, and you need something quick and easy to fill everyone’s bellies. But that doesn’t mean you have to resort to hot dogs and chips (again!). Instead, give these delicious, ooey-gooey campfire hot ham n’ cheese sandwiches a try! All you need is some heavy-duty foil, a few ingredients, and hot campfire coals to make these super quick and oh-so-scrumptious dinner sandwiches that everyone will love! From plain to fruity to fancy, there’s a sandwich here for everyone!

King’s Hawaiian Hot Ham & Cheese Rolls

Serves 6
16 oz. deli ham
12 slices of provolone or Swiss cheese
½ C. butter, melted
1 ½ Tbsp. Dijon mustard
1 Tbsp. dried onion
1 Tbsp. brown sugar
12 King’s Hawaiian rolls

1. Tear 6 pieces of heavy-duty foil (2 sandwiches per foil piece).
2. Open up each King’s Hawaiian roll.
3. Divide the ham between the sandwiches.
4. Top each sandwich with a piece of provolone or Swiss cheese.
5. Close up each roll by putting the tops on.
6. Mix the butter, Dijon mustard, dried onion, and brown sugar together in a small bowl.
7. Place two (2) sandwiches on each piece of foil. Curl the sides of the foil up so that the butter mixture doesn’t run all over. Pour the butter mixture lightly over the top of each sandwich.
8. Seal each foil packet by bring the sides together and pinching them closed. Place each packet on hot coals (but not in flames!). Turn them frequently until the cheese is melted and the rolls are warm and toasty (about 10-15 minutes).
9. Serve them with a tossed salad, fruit, or chips!

Toasty Ham & Cheese Croissants

Serves 8
2 lbs. deli ham
4 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
2 Tbsp. honey
2 Tbsp. brown sugar
8 slices of Swiss cheese
8 croissants

1. Tear 8 pieces of heavy-duty foil (one for each sandwich).
2. Set the bottom of each croissant on each piece of foil.
3. Mix together the Dijon, honey, and brown sugar. Spread a layer on this on each croissant bottom.
4. Place a slice of Swiss cheese on top of the honey mustard and then add some ham.
5. Place the croissant top on each croissant.
6. Close up each foil packet and cinch the sides closed.
7. Set the sandwiches on hot coals and let them cook for about 15 minutes (or until it’s hot and the cheese is melted).
8. Serve with potato chips or a salad.

Cheesy Ham & Pineapple Rolls

Serves 4
10 oz. deli ham
4 pineapple rings
2 slices of cheddar cheese
2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard
4 potato rolls

1. Tear 4 pieces of heavy-duty foil. Place a bottom bun on each piece of foil.
2. On each bottom bun, layer ¼ of the ham, a ring of pineapple, and a slice of cheese.
3. Spread a little Dijon mustard on top of each piece of cheese.
4. Place the top bun on each sandwich.
5. Close each foil packet by bringing the sides up and pinching them closed.
6. Place each sandwich on hot coals or over hot coals on a grill rack. Cook for about 15-20 minutes.
7. Unwrap carefully and check to see if the cheese has melted and the ham is warm.
8. Serve with chips, pretzels, potato salad, or fruit.

Ham, Apple, and Gouda Sandwiches

Serves 4
8 slices of Italian bread
12 slices of deli ham (smoked works well)
1 apple, thinly sliced
12 small slices of Gouda cheese

1. Tear 4 pieces of heavy-duty aluminum foil (one per sandwich). Set one slice of bread on each piece of foil.
2. Top each piece of bread with 3 slices of ham, a few apple slices, and some Gouda.
3. Place the top piece of bread on each sandwich.
4. Close each foil sandwich by bringing the sides of the foil up and cinching them closed.
5. Set the sandwiches on hot coals and let them cook for about 15 minutes.
6. Open them carefully and check to see if the cheese is hot on the inside.
7. Serve with a tossed salad or chips.

Do you have a favorite campfire sandwich? Share your recipes with us below!

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