Chalk Board Paint Your RV Fridge

Looking for an inexpensive, easy, and creative way to add some flair to your RV’s interior? Chalk paint is a fun solution for a dramatic DIY upgrade that can completely transform the look of your RV. Revamp your plain, cookie-cutter RV refrigerator into a one-of-a-kind interactive grocery list, doodle pad, and message board. Read on to learn how to chalk board paint your RV fridge.


Chalk Paint (you can find chalk paint at your local craft store or home improvement store)
Sponge Roller
Paint Tray
Painter’s Tape

How To

  1. Once you have your supplies, your first step is to tape off the parts of your fridge that you don’t want painted with your blue painter’s tape. Ensure that you have a tight seal or you’ll risk paint leaking in under the tape.
  2. Wipe the surface of your fridge to clean off any dust and dirt. Shake and stir your paint.
  3. Now you’re ready to paint. It is recommended that you put down a drop cloth before painting in case of spills to avoid stains or damage to your RV’s interior. After your first coat is done, let it dry.
  4. One coat will likely not be enough. Typically, three coats does the job. Make sure to let each layer dry before applying your next coat.
  5. After you’re done painting, let it cure for around 48 hours.
  6. All that’s left to do now is grab your chalk and get artsy on your new RV fridge!

A few coats of chalk paint can give your kitchen a unique and creative feel that will make your RV stand out from the rest. Even after you chalk paint your RV fridge, it should still retain its magnetic properties, making it a fun and useful multi-purpose surface. Whether you are looking to cover imperfections, spice up the look of your RV, or get your hands dirty with a fun DIY project, chalk paint is a simple and fun solution.

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