DIY Ways To Take RV Decorating To The Next Level

It’s no secret that some RVs come stocked with a little more elegance than others. If you have a fairly standard RV, or an especially outdated or retro RV, it may be in some serious need of some DIY TLC! Ditch the boring designs and check out these awesome DIY ways to take RV decorating to the next level!


The most noticeable DIY renovation you can do to your RV is paint it! Painting the walls and cabinets of your RV will yield a dramatic difference in the appearance of your interior! No more wishy-washy standard interiors! You can easily achieve a modern, sophisticated look with a little paint! Or give this chalkboard paint idea a try to dress up your refrigerator!

No-Sew Curtains

If you’re savvy with a sewing machine, you can opt to sew new curtains. If not, you can still enjoy lovely new curtains easily, which will make a tremendous difference to the overall appearance of the interior of your RV! Just use your fabric of choice, seaming tape, and your existing RV curtain hooks for a bold new look!

Couch Slip Covers

Whether you choose to make a couch cover yourself or buy one, this is a quick and easy way to give your boring old RV couch new life! With a variety of colors and patterns, you can get the exact look you want for next to no effort! Complete the look with coordinating decorative pillows and a throw and it’ll be like a whole new space!

Covering Cushions

If your dinette or couch cushions are lacking in style, you can easily use your favorite patterned heavy fabrics to make new covers right over your existing cushions! If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you can make nice slip covers for your cushions, or you can use fabric glue to secure fabric! Either way, it’ll be a stylish upgrade!

Stick-On Tile Backsplash

A quick and easy way to add a nice touch of elegance to your RV is to add a neat stick-on tile backsplash! Just peel and stick to areas behind your sink, stove, and bathroom vanity for effortless class that is sure to impress!

Theme Decorating

One of the most fun and versatile DIY things you can do to your RV is decorate with a theme! Many people choose a type of travel theme, nautical theme, or something along those lines. This is a great opportunity to flex those DIY muscles to create your favorite coordinating decorations! There’s no shame in curating thematic pieces from thrift shops, retail shops, or pieces from other crafty online retailers as well! Some fun ideas include DIY decorative pillows, pallet art, picture frames, faux animal head trophies, and more! You could even decorate for holidays if you’re spending them in your RV!

Awning Decorations

If you’ve even been to a campground, you’ll know how people love to decorate their awnings! It’s a fun way to personalize your outdoor space and let your neighbors see what great taste you have! Themed awning lights have always been fun, but you can put your own DIY spin on it for your own personal flair!

Your awning decorations should reflect YOU! Use your favorite patterned fabric to make bunting and banners for a quaint and crafty feel! If you’re enjoying the summer weather, use sand pails over your lights for a unique decoration! Even colored Solo cups give a neat vibe! Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Stenciled Screen Door

An awesome and super fun idea to add another personal touch to your RV is to stencil a message or design on your RV’s screen door! This is easy and so inexpensive, but yields awesome results! Just pick out a stencil design, tape it to your screen door, and use white acrylic paint to fill in the design! Too simple! Just be sure to have the stencil facing the correct way when painting so that your message isn’t backwards to visitors!

All it takes is a little hard work and the spark of some really great ideas to transform your RV into the modern, stylish home on wheels you’ve always dreamed of! Hopefully these neat DIY ways to take your RV decorating to the next level has inspired you to add some needed personal touches to your RV! Have any other fun ideas for RV decorating? Comment to share!

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