Fall Leaf Rubbings! Leave Your RV Decorated With Fall Colors!

Bring some of those festive fall colors into your RV this season by gathering the kids for this fun fall leaf rubbings craft project! Not only will you get your little ones tromping around in the great outdoors, but this project will also leave your RV decorated with fall colors that bring the beauty of autumn inside where it can be enjoyed year-round! If you’re ready to get crafty, here’s what you’ll need:


  • Leaves
  • Paper
  • Coloring utensils


  1. Head outside and start gathering your leaves. Try to pick ones of varying shapes and sizes so you have an eclectic selection to choose from. Then take your leaves inside.
  2. On a hard surface, place a single leaf down with the bottom of the leaf facing up at you (vein side up). Tape your leaf to the surface of your workspace so it doesn’t shift around.
  3. Put a white sheet of paper on top of your leaf.
  4. With a crayon, colored pencil, oil pastel, or a marker gently rub the white sheet of paper over the leaf with a light amount of pressure.
  5. Continue rubbing until you’ve captured the entire imprint and texture of the leaf.
  6. Repeat these steps with other leaves and alternative colors until your sheet of paper is decorated to your liking. Then step back and admire your work!


  • The crispier the leaf, the harder it will be to rub, so steer your kids away from brittle, dry, and dead leaves.
  • You can substitute your white piece of paper for parchment paper to achieve a more transparent look.
  • Use burnt reds, bright oranges, light greens, and yellows to mimic the colors of fall trees.
  • Once your artwork is complete, use them as placemats for your dinette table, hang them up on the refrigerator, or mail them off to grandparents!

Your little ones will have a blast with this simple craft project that has stunning results, and you’ll love watching them create their masterpieces! Snap a picture of your fall leaf rubbings and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram so we can see how they turned out!

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