Log Cabin Fire

With so many ways to build a campfire, how do you choose? There is much debate about which fire method is better, but it really depends on what works best for you. Here we will explore the log cabin campfire method.

Where to Start

As with any fire, there is some prep work involved. All fires need three things; fuel, heat, and oxygen. Before you can get started, you will need to gather the essentials:

  • Fuel wood – Large pieces of wood and sticks that vary in diameter
  • Kindling – smaller sticks between the thickness of a pencil and your finger
  • Tinder – very small sticks (the size of a pin), pine needles, dry grass, and leaves
  • Something to light the fire with

Building the Fire

1. Dig yourself a small trench to build your fire on. This will supply the oxygen to your fire as it spreads to the larger logs.

2. Using some of your larger sticks (around the thickness of your arm), build a frame on 3 sides of your trench. The open end will be used for lighting.

3. Start placing smaller sticks (a little thicker than your finger) a few inches apart across the trench, resting the ends on the frame sticks.

4. Place a longer piece that is about the same thickness across the ends of the sticks that you just laid, running in the same direction as your frame sticks.

5. Place two sticks across the ends of the previous sticks in the same fashion.

6. Continue this until you have walls that are a few inches high.

7. Gather your small, dry tinder (pine needles, grass, leaves) and fill the inside of the structure you just built with it.

8. Place a row of your kindling sticks (around the size of a pencil) across the top with a little space between them.

9. Place some larger sticks (like what you used for the walls) across the ends of these sticks.

10. Using your kindling, fill that area.

11. Repeat steps 7 & 8 about two to three more times.

12. Now begin adding your larger sticks across the top of your last row.

13. Add another layer of sticks facing the opposite direction.

14. Continue this process, increasing the size of your wood to get to the fuel wood.

15. Place your lighter under the structure using the trench and light the first layer of tinder.

This should give you a long-lasting fire that requires little maintenance. Now you just need to sit back and relax while toasting some marshmallows. Also, check out these uncommon campfire cooking tips to enhance your next campfire meal! And try some of our favorite campfire meals, including this Tempting Trout, Campfire Scalloped Potatoes, Campfire Bacon, and Campfire Popcorn!

What type of campfire is your favorite to build? Tell us in the comments!

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