RV Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your First Camping Trip Easy

So, you’ve just purchased your new RV from Terry Town RV, and you’re ready to start planning your first camping trip! Whether you’re waiting for the RV to be delivered to your door with our Nation-Wide delivery or you drove it off the lot today, you’re probably wondering what all you need to make your camping trip a success.

Maps and planning

Plan Your Trips Ahead of Time

One of the best ways to make your camping trips go smoothly is to plan ahead of time. You’ll want to book your campground a few weeks or months ahead to ensure you get the spot you want. Additionally, look at routes and potential stops along the way. You won’t want to travel too far from home for your first trip, so try to plan every step of the journey.

Practice with Your Gray and Black Tank Before You Use Them

No one likes cleaning out the gray and black tanks of the RV. If you don’t know what those are, you’ll need to learn quickly. The gray tank holds all of the water from the sinks, shower, and other water sources in the RV, while the black tank holds toilet waste and sewage. You’ll have to empty these regularly and clean them to keep your RV functioning and smell-free. It’s best to practice before you’ve used the tanks so you can get the hang of it without getting messy.

RVing Isn’t Always Easy, Be Patient With Yourself

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind as you prepare and when you get to the campground is that RVing requires a lot of steps. It can seem overwhelming at first, but it’s all fairly straightforward in the end, so be patient with yourself and follow the steps carefully.

Don’t Skimp on the RV Equipment

Getting the right RV equipment can make all the difference in how well your RV camping experience goes. As full-time RVers, we’ve had our fair share of broken black tank hoses and other equipment that just didn’t hold up the way we needed it to. Be sure to get all the things you need before you leave for the campground, and talk to your RV dealer about the best quality options.

When in Doubt, Read the Manual

If you run into any issues or you have a problem you don’t know the answer to, chances are you’ll find it in the manual. Keep your RV’s manual handy so that you can reference it if anything comes up. It’s not a bad idea to check it before you leave, just so you have an idea of what kinds of things can be answered there.

owners manual

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