Trailblazing in Style: The Ember RV Overland Series

Imagine a travel trailer that’s as fearless as you are, one that embraces the thrill of the unknown while cocooning you in luxury. The Ember RV Overland Series travel trailers, available at TerryTown RV in Grand Rapids, MI, does just that. These travel trailers and toy haulers are not just vehicles—they’re your passport to untamed landscapes and off-grid autonomy.

Ember RV Overland Series 191MSL
Enjoy all your time away in this Ember RV Overland Series 191MSL travel trailer!

Striking Design Meets Robust Features

At first glimpse, the Ember RV Overland Series stands out with its striking exterior, a bold statement in the world of travel trailers. Inside, the chic yet functional interior will capture your heart. From hardwood framed cabinet doors to seamless countertops, every detail caters to comfort and style.

living space
You’ll love how spacious the interior of this Ember RV Overland Series 191MSL travel trailer.

Off-Grid Ready

Every Ember RV Overland Series model is an off-grid maestro, equipped with an Off-Grid Solar package that includes dual Go Power! 200W solar panels and a 2000W inverter. For those craving even more energy independence, the optional Max Solar Package amplifies your ability to cut ties with the grid and venture deeper into the wilderness.

A Smooth and Easy Towing Experience

The CURT independent suspension system underpinning these travel trailers promises an effortlessly smooth tow, no matter where your wanderlust leads. With single and tandem axle models to choose from, you’ll find the perfect balance between maneuverability and storage capacity, ideal for both short weekend treks and extended forays into the unknown.

murphy bed
The Murphy bed of this travel trailer saves space.

Adventure-Ready by Design

Whether you’re planning to cross deserts, climb mountains, or forge rivers, the Ember RV Overland Series is ready to answer the call. These models are designed with the ruggedness needed for challenging terrains, without sacrificing the luxuries that make camping a joy rather than just a journey.

murphy bed
The Murphy bed folds down for easy sleeping at night.

If the call of the wild paired with unmatched elegance and self-reliance speaks to your soul, the Ember RV Overland Series at TerryTown RV is waiting. For more information on how to make one of these trailblazing travel trailers the cornerstone of your next adventure, contact us. Your love for the great outdoors and desire for a stylish, robust, and off-grid capable RV is not just understood but shared. Choose your favorite Ember RV Overland Series layout today and let TerryTown RV help launch you into a world where adventure lies beyond every horizon.

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