Ultimate Solar Powered Camping Gear

Solar power is transforming camping by bringing a source of electrical energy into the great outdoors! Ditch those noisy generators and take advantage of this technology by picking up some ultimate solar powered camping gear! The sun’s brightness has never been more high-tech!

Solar Lighting

When you’re in a remote location and the sun starts to set, it’s no time to find out that dead batteries have rendered your light source useless. Solar lighting options ensure you can see your surroundings regardless of how far you venture from civilization. The Luci Original by MPOWERD is lightweight, collapsable, and waterproof/shatterproof! The light lasts up to 12 hours after a 7-hour charge. Other options include the solar LED camping lantern by Etekcity, which will provide light for up to 8 hours with a 2 hour charge, and the solar flashlight by Eceen. Any one of these options can be picked up for less than $20!

Solar Backpacks

The only thing better than something that lets you carry around all of your electronics is something that lets you easily charge them too! Introducing solar backpacks – for superior solar power on the go! Charge up any of your USB-compatible devices with one of these great products. Eclipse has a line of solar-charge backpacks for around $200, but styles and designs are limited. Eclipse also produces an extensive collection of backpacks in an array of colors and styles ranging in cost from $100-$150. For the most selection and modern designs, look into Birksun Solar Packs. Their line of Boost Sport packs go for $250, while packs from their London Collection sell for $200.

Solar Showers

Think you have to sacrifice nice, hot showers when you head into the great outdoors? Think again! With solar showers, all you need is some water and a little bit of patience before you’re sudsing up using the power of the sun! Advanced Elements has a solar shower that offers one of the most durable builds of its kind, and it retails for around $30. Coghlans also has a solar heated camp shower that can be picked up for considerably less, at just $10. Although not renowned for its durability, Coleman also makes a solar shower that retails for around $15. Each option holds five gallons of water and operates using gravity and solar technology.

Solar Water Purifiers

Revolutionizing the way the world accesses clean drinking water, Puralytics has created a bag that uses their patented photochemical water purification process to turn contaminated water into purified water safe for consumption. Their SolarBag® is a sunlight activated water purifier that can be reused again and again to provide you with safe-to-drink water free of pollutants. To use, just fill up the 3-liter bag with water from any source and set it out in the sun for 2-3 hours. The UV rays will go to work so you never have to go thirsty during you camping adventures! You can pick up a Puralytics solar water purifier for around $45.

Solar Speakers

You never know when you might want to enhance your outdoor experience with a little auditory ambiance. Bring your playlists to life in the great outdoors with solar speakers! The MicroSolar B2 Speaker retails for around $80 and gives users 8-10 hours of use fully charged. The charging status is indicated on the top of the speaker, but it can also be charged with an electrical outlet. These Bluetooth compatible speakers are waterproof and they retail for around $70-$80. As another viable alternative, look into the Rugged rukus speakers by Eton. With Bluetooth, a USB port for charging up your devices, and crystal clear sound quality, these speakers are slightly more expensive, costing around $130.

Solar Ovens

Make hot meals in as little as 20 minutes with the GoSun Sport solar oven! This ingenious contraption can reach temperatures of up to 550ºF, even with partly-cloudy skies! The oven uses parabolic reflectors and heat-proof borosilicate glass to convert nearly 80% of sunlight into usable heat. The tubular design of the cooking tray lets you create an array of mouthwatering meals from stir fry to an 8-egg omelet! Costing $279, it isn’t chump change to get yourself one of these bad boys, but the hot and delicious meals you make while camping will be so worth it! GoSun is so confident in their product and its performance that they even boast of a 2-year no questions asked warranty.

You’re probably eager now to start saving your pennies so you can stock up on some of this sweet solar gear for your next camping trip! What solar gadgets do you swear by when heading into the great outdoors? Let us know in the comments so we can check them out!

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