Where You Might Find Bigfoot, Sasquatch, And Other Legends

Tales of a colossal, feral, fur-covered human have existed for decades. Whether you believe this creature to be a living legend or merely the product of folklore, it’s iconic presence within pop culture has earned it a name – Bigfoot – and a loyal following of believers. Although no legitimized evidence indisputably proves the existence of Bigfoot, also known by the names Sasquatch and Yeti, that doesn’t stop people from looking. So if you want to be the first to confirm the existence of these elusive creatures while there’s still time, here’s where you might find Bigfoot (aka Sasquatch), the Loch Ness Monster, and El Chupacabra!

Bigfoot | Pacific Northwest, USA

Sasquatch sightings have been reported all across the United States, from New York to Michigan to Florida, but the most concentrated collection of Bigfoot encounters takes place in the Pacific Northwest. Oregon, Washington, and California are the most popular states for those hoping to catch a glimpse of this ambiguous being, so if you want to give yourself the best chance of seeing the creature behind the legend, this is where you’ll find him:

Bluff Creek, California, is the location of one of the most famously reported Bigfoot sightings ever captured, so it’s a great place to start your search. You can also look in dense woodland areas like the forests of Humboldt County and the Redwood National & State Parks. Additionally, Willow Creek, California, seems to be another hot spot frequented by the dubious giant. This area is also home to the Willow Creek-China Flat Museum which boasts Bigfoot print casts, photos, and maps, as well as a twenty-five-foot-tall Sasquatch sculpture.

Applegate, Oregon, is home to one of the country’s only official Bigfoot traps, which was built in 1974 by the North American Wildlife Research Team. A simple half-mile hike from the Collings Mountain Trailhead will have you stumbling upon a semi-restored wooden box adorned with graffiti and a sliding gate. Although the trap’s only success has been the occasional bear, some are still holding out hope that Bigfoot will find his way inside. The Blue Mountain region of Oregon and the Salmon-Huckleberry Wilderness are other popular spots to check out for a sighting of the bipedal beast.

Pierce County, Washington, is perhaps the most popular location in the state for Bigfoot sightings. The forested area around Bonney Lake and the Olympic National Park are both promising places to start your ‘squatch search. Three hours north of Piece County you’ll find Index, Washington, which is home to a 14-foot-tall carved statue of Bigfoot. This marks the spot where the iconic Harry and the Hendersons movie was filmed in 1986. Across the street from the statue you can grab a coffee and a tasty Bigfoot cookie from the charming Espresso Chalet which also sells bottled Bigfoot hair!

Loch Ness Monster | Lake Champlain, Vermont

Nessie’s origins may have initially placed her in Scotland, but she does have a North American counterpart who is affectionately known as Champ. Over a hundred people have reportedly witnessed this enormous sea-monster in the picturesque waters of Lake Champlain in northwest Vermont. If you want to catch of glimpse of this beloved aquatic legend, head to the water’s edge and don’t forget to bring your camera!

El Chupacabra | Southwestern, USA

This lesser-known Latin American legend is distinguished for its resemblance to a feral hairless dog, as well as its habit of sucking the blood from livestock. Although the legend thrives south of the border, there have been plenty of sightings in U.S. states like Texas and Arizona. Although this creature eludes most southern ranchers, heading down south will be your best chance of capturing a Chupacabra.

Taking a road trip to track down elusive legends might not result in undeniable proof of the creature’s existence, but it does guarantee a fun journey enhanced with anticipation and exploration! So whether you’re a cryptozoologist enthusiast or a die-hard Bigfoot believer, pack up your RV and get out there – who knows what legends you might uncover!

Have you ever seen Sasquatch? How about Ol’ Nessie? Tell us about it in the comments and turn our readers into true believers!

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