Why You Should Travel to Montana and visit The Resort at Paws Up

Montana is one of those “bucket list” states. It’s a state of immense beauty and vast wilderness, and many people feel called to visit it. Yet it often gets overlooked and passed by for visits to more popular destinations nearby, like Yellowstone in Wyoming or Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota. Its crowning jewel, Glacier National Park, is considered by many to be the most beautiful place on earth. In 2015, more than 2.4 million people made their way to the northern Montana park that covers over one million acres. But for a true “Treasure State” experience, witness the unspoiled frontier of Montana while staying at a resort that caters to your every need. You’ll get the Big Sky experience you’re craving without having to give up the finer things you’re accustomed to. Here’s why you should travel to Montana and visit The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough for an unforgettable vacation!

About the Resort

Since 2005, the Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, MT, has been showering guests in unparalleled luxury while providing incredible Big Sky adventure at the same time. This 37,000-acre ranch north of Missoula sits on land that is rich in American history. In 1806, the land was traversed by Captain Merriwether Lewis of the Lewis & Clark expedition as part of his journey back from the Pacific Ocean. Over the next century the land was staked for gold mining and then later housed several cattle ranches, one of which was owned and operated by the sons of the aviator Charles Lindbergh. Eventually Dave and Nadine Lipson bought the property, turning it into 37,000 acres of breathtaking expansiveness named Paws Up, and opening it up to guests from around the world who want to enjoy incomparable luxury in the great outdoors.


Don’t be mistaken, The Resort at Paws Up is not your typical dude ranch. Very far from it indeed! While you’re likely to see some of the over 300 resident elk or the couple hundred Black Angus cows that call the pasture home, this ultra-luxurious resort delivers the most comfortable, lavish experience for its guests while allowing them to feel at one with one of the last untouched places on earth. Paws Up offers two different types of overnight accommodations: Luxury Homes and Luxury Camping.

The 28 Luxury Homes come in three sizes and range in square footage from 1,100-3,250 square feet. Featuring truly authentic western décor, you’ll find rich leather sofas, natural stone fireplaces, timber and iron headboards, large front porches, and more. You’ll love the thoughtful touches that can be found throughout the resort houses, including heated granite-tiled floors in the bathrooms and showers, The Last Best Bed™ with down duvet comforters and pillows, thick bath towels and robes, flat-screen LCD TVs, Wi-Fi, outdoor hot tubs, and laundry rooms. Each house has its own unique view of the surrounding Montana countryside and comes equipped with a car for easy transport around the resort. Your stay at one of the luxury homes includes three meals a day at the resort’s restaurants. Trough serves casual breakfast and lunch meals, and also nightly family-style dinners, while Pomp®, an award-winning fine-dining restaurant, serves refined rustic ranch cuisine. If you prefer to enjoy the surroundings of your mountain home while eating, in-home dining is available for each home.

The Luxury Camps available at The Resort at Paws Up redefines “glamping.” The 48 tents range in square footage from 505-1,030 square feet and offer 1-2 bedrooms. On the banks of either the Blackfoot River or Elk Creek, each tent has an amazing view of the Montana countryside and offers spectacular amenities for unmatched comfort. You’ll enjoy a rustic décor that is complemented with fine linens, The Last Best Bed™, private master bath, fans/heat, and a camp chef and attentive butler at your disposal. When staying at one of the luxury camps you’ll be treated to breakfast and dinner right at your camp. Dishes like chili-dusted Black Angus steaks, grilled summer vegetable succotash, and ooey-gooey s’mores and baked cobbler are prepared by an expert chef who prepares each meal in full view of guests. Lunch is served every day at the resort’s Trough restaurant.

Activities at Paws Up

Whether your visit to The Resort at Paws Up is a family vacation, honeymoon, couple’s getaway, or work retreat, you’ll enjoy the myriad activities that are available every day. The 37,000 acres of wilderness are your playground, so get ready to feel like a kid again! The 100 miles of trails are best explored on horseback. Your wrangler will take you on breathtaking trails that are lined with ancient Ponderosas and lead to the ridge that overlooks the Paws Up Ranch. Whether you’re an accomplished equestrian or have never saddled up before, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable journey around the ranch. There are also equestrian lessons, an authentic cattle drive experience, and private advanced rides available.

Fly fishing in Montana is excellent! Try your hand at this exhilarating sport along the Blackfoot, Bitterroot, Clearwater, and Missouri rivers. Or hop on an ATV and explore the countryside at an exhilarating pace.

To push your body to new limits, give the Grizzlyman Fitness Trail a try! This 1-mile course features 12 fitness stations that have obstacles made from the local timber. These include climbing, balancing, swinging, and more. And after a day of outdoor fun, head to the Montana Winter Spa where you’ll find a varied menu of luxurious services, such as massages, body treatments, body vibration healing treatments, and even a Wag the Tail pet massage for your furry friend.

Other activities to choose from include river rafting, geocaching, rappelling, rifle range, mountain biking, archery, hot air ballooning, sporting clays, and more! In the winter you can have fun snowmobiling, dog sledding, downhill skiing, ice skating, tubing, and other snowy activities!

Named for a dog’s cheery “paws up” greeting, you’ll have a truly unforgettable Montana adventure when you visit The Resort at Paws Up on your next “Out West” vacation! Experience magnificent Montana at this indulgent resort that brings opulence to the great outdoors!

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