Best Species of Live Christmas Trees For Your RV

The holidays wouldn’t be the same without the fragrant, earthy aroma of a real, live Christmas tree. Stringing lights onto the branches and decorating with ornaments is a festive tradition that, for many, marks the beginning of the holiday season. And for RVers, this annual custom is no different. But with size restraints and other factors to keep in mind, it can be difficult to find the perfect tree for your RV. So we’ve compiled a list of the best species of live Christmas trees for your RV. Check them out, make your choice, and then go chop one down!

Scotch Pine

Known for its superior needle retention, the Scotch Pine is a conical-shaped tree that boasts a charming dark green color. The branches are sturdy and ideal for supporting an array of ornaments, and its long-lasting aroma will fill your RV with sweet-smelling delight throughout the holiday season! The Scotch Pine makes our list of the best Christmas trees for RVs due to its excellent survival rate and adaptability to a wide range of climates.

Douglas Fir

As one of the most popular species of Christmas trees, the Douglas Fir is a classic choice for RVers who want to stick to traditions. These pyramidal-shaped trees tend to be more full-bodied, so they would work best for those who have a sizable section of their RV to devote to their Christmas tree. The advantages of the Douglas Fir include its long-lasting needles and its sweet-smelling scent which will fill your RV with a pleasant, cheerful aroma.

Leyland Cypress

For RVers with allergies or sensitivities, the Leyland Cypress is an ideal choice. This pyramid-shaped tree doesn’t give off a strong aroma, and it doesn’t produce any sap either. Aside from giving allergy sufferers a break, this also means you won’t end your holiday season by scrubbing sticky gunk from your RV carpeting! The Leyland Cypress features deep green foliage with needles that will hold long after Christmas is over.

Virginia Pine

Because they tend to be small in size, the Virginia Pine makes our list as one of the best species of Christmas trees for RVs. They have narrow trunks and they respond well to trimming, so, depending on your available space, you can size your tree accordingly. The Virginia Pine also tolerates warm winter temperatures better than most evergreens, so if you’re a snowbird during the holidays, this might be the best choice for you!

Colorado Blue Spruce

With a beautiful display of silvery-blue needles and a symmetrical pyramidal shape, the Colorado Blue Spruce is an aesthetically wonderful choice. Among spruces, it offers one of the best needle retention rates, which means you won’t spend your days sweeping or vacuuming up little blue needles from your floor. If you’re looking for a Christmas tree that demands attention as a decorative focal point of your RV, then the Colorado Blue Spruce is for you!

Sawara Cypress

This slow-growing evergreen makes our list of the best trees for RVs because of its small, compact size. Although Sawara Cypress do grow to be substantially big, it takes many decades for them to mature. This means that they can be potted to make ideal container Christmas trees! Once planted you can display your tree on a table top to save space without sacrificing holiday traditions. Sawara Cypress feature remarkable dark green foliage structured in a pyramidal shape to replicate the look of a matured Christmas trees, just in miniature form.

Alberta Spruce

Known as the ‘Blue Wonder Dwarf,’ the Alberta Spruce is a small-sized tree that fits in perfectly with the size limitations of RVs! These slow-growing conifers feature a tight cone shape with grayish-blue hues. For a more eco-friendly alternative, you can pot these trees for planting after the holiday season is over. Although they mature to around 6 feet tall, their growth rate is slow so these dwarf spruces make a great option for a miniature RV Christmas tree.

Don’t settle for artificial! Be authentic this holiday season and spruce up your RV with a real Christmas tree! Do you have a live Christmas tree in your RV? Let us know what species you recommend by dropping us a comment!

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