Campfire Alternatives During a Fire Ban

Rain isn’t the only thing that can ruin your campfire! Lack of it can cause areas to become dry, putting it at risk for a wildfire. During these times there can be county and statewide fire bans to protect the land and lessen the chance of a fire getting out of control. So how do you enjoy your campfire activities without a campfire? Here are some campfire alternatives you can utilize during a fire ban.

Portable Fire Pits

You can still have a “campfire” if you have a portable propane fire pit! Since all it’s burning is the gas, they’re typically allowed during the ban as there’s no embers that can fly out! You can still cook, be kept warm, and roast marshmallows! You can find great pits like this Redwood Fire Pit from Camp Chef! This particular pit also includes a safety shut off valve so if it were to get knocked over it would shut off the gas and stop it from burning. This is a great feature to look for when you’re shopping for your portable fire pit to ensure safety!


Another alternative to a campfire is to use a grill. Gas grills are the safest but even if you’re using a charcoal grill, since it is contained, it’s usually permitted during a burn ban. This is another way you can still cook, roast your marshmallows, and keep warm. If it’s a small grill you can even pop it in the center of a ring of chairs and gather around it just as you would a campfire.


This will greatly depend on the level of the burn ban so make sure you check before you haul this out! A Chimenea is usually a front loaded freestanding outdoor fireplace that’s completely enclosed with a grate door. It helps keep anything burning in it from flying around. The main downfall to these other than that they sometimes are part of the burn ban is that they’re heavy and not fun to haul around. They are also pretty expensive such as this one found on for $429.95. If you have a spot where you’re parked permanently, this may be a great investment, however if you’re traveling it may not be the best option.

RV Fireplace & Kitchen

The last option is to forgo the outside fire and make do with what you have inside the RV! If you have a fireplace you can get the ambiance and warmth by gathering around that. Then just use your RV kitchen for your cooking. If you get creative enough you can even make s’mores in the kitchen! Check out this recipe for Indoor S’mores Fondue that’s great for those burn bans or a rainy day!

No matter what method you’re using, make sure to check over all the rules and regulations of the current ban enforced! Depending on the conditions they may enforce more strict rules at a local level, and even at the campground itself. You don’t want to get caught using something banned as you will be looking at a hefty fine!

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