Make A Homemade Tiny Marshmallow Shooter

Learn how to send tiny marshmallows flying around your house or yard with these steps on how to make a homemade tiny marshmallow shooter. Using soft, squishy marshmallows, your kids are guaranteed a fun time without any tears or battle wounds. These tiny marshmallow shooters can be used to ward off boredom when friends aren’t home to play with or they can be used in a heated (but friendly!) battle of Marshmallow Wars. Pop cans, bulls eyes, plastic cups, and other unbreakable items make great targets. You can …

  • Stack the cans or cups in a pyramid shape. Set an action figure on the top of the pyramid to try to knock off.
  • Write numbers on the cups for point values. Arrange them in a pattern with lowest points in front and higher points in the back.
  • Hang plastic cups from string to create floating targets. Write numbers or tape pictures on them and have kids try to hit them from behind a line.
  • With cups hanging from string, create moving targets for your little shooters by pulling a cup back and letting it go for them to try to hit.
  • Create an outdoor obstacle course dotted with various targets (bulls eyes, pop cans, army figures, etc). Have kids take turns running through the course and trying to hit as many targets as they can while you time them. Assign each target a point value to determine the winner after everyone has had a turn.

There are so many ways to have fun with these homemade shooters. Your kids can gather up their friends for a fun marshmallow shooting contest outside or simply get in some target practice inside on a rainy day. And the best part? Marshmallows are easy to clean up and can be used over and over again! Affordable ammo! What’s not to love about this simple homemade marshmallow shooter?


  • Sturdy plastic drinking cups or yogurt cups
  • Un-inflated balloons
  • Tiny marshmallows
  • Scissors
  • Duct tape (*if needed)


  1. Cut the bottom 3rd off of a plastic cup or yogurt cup. If you’re using thin plastic cups, double them up so it’s sturdier.
  2. Tie the end of a balloon closed. Cut off the other end toward the top.
  3. Stretch your balloon over the top of your plastic cup or yogurt cup (the end with the rim). Place the balloon so that the center of the knot is in the middle of the cup. It should fit tightly. Secure it with tape if it’s loose.
  4. You’re ready to load your shooter with your tiny marshmallows! Place a marshmallow inside the cup so that it’s resting against the balloon knot. With one hand on the cut end of the balloon and the other hand holding the balloon knot, pull the knot back and send your marshmallow flying! Play around with holding the cup at different angles when you shoot to see how it changes the distance that your marshmallow travels.

Remember: Never aim your marshmallow shooter at yourself or anyone else.

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