Perfect In-Line Water Filter For Rving

Who doesn’t love a nice cold glass of fresh, clean water? Unfortunately, water sources can be a bit of a gamble when camping. Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice clean, pure-tasting water while you’re on the road! There’s an easy solution! An in-line water filter for RVing is the perfect and easy solution for enjoying clean, pure water wherever you go! What Is An In-Line Water Filter?

An in-line water filter will filter water straight from your water hose, removing sediment, reducing odors, bad taste, and chlorine! This is great for use for all water for your RV, as it can prevent sediment and buildup from occurring in your holding tanks, as well as prevent mineral deposit spots! They are fairly inexpensive, ranging in price from around $20 to $50, while replacement filters cost about $20 on average. A small price to pay for filtered, purified water, especially considering that a filter should last a regular camping season! This highly rated TastePURE filter from Camco works well and is inexpensive!

How To Install

Another great perk of in-line water filters is how easy they are to install! Forget the hassle of mounting and permanently installing a filter, this type simply attaches directly to your city water hose and you’re good to go!
First, make sure that you’re connecting to a good water source. Some wells and other small sources can carry high levels of sediment and dirt, which will rapidly clog the filter and ruin it. Water sources at campgrounds should always be suitable for use with this type of filter! First, you will need a water pressure regulator. This piece of equipment attaches to the spigot of the water source. Next, use a hose that is safe for drinking water, and attach it to the water pressure regulator. Following the instructions of the filter, attach the filter to the hose at the appropriate end. Turn on the water source, and allow water to flow through the filter for several minutes to flush out all loose carbon particles. Once the water runs clear, turn off the faucet, and attach the included hose protector to your city water connection. Attach the other end of the filter, and you’re done!

Replacing The Filter

Unlike other types of water filters that require purchasing separate replacement filters, these filters are disposable! All you have to do is attach another filter to your hose to enjoy continuous clean water! The initial kit comes with a single cartridge and hose protector, which prevents kinks and bends in the hose for continuous flow. Replacement packs generally cost less than the initial kits for a two-pack! The packaging should tell you how often to replace the filter. However, most users say that decreased water pressure within your RV will indicate when the filter will need to be replaced!

Clean and great-tasting water is as easy as attaching a simple filter! Now that you know about this perfect in-line water filter for RVing, you won’t have to worry about impurities and harsh chemicals plaguing your water supply! For added filtration, add another type of filter for even more drinking safety! Do you have a favorite RV water filter? Share in the comments!

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