Pros Of a 4 Seasons RV

If you love to get adventurous with your camping trips, why should you limit yourself to doing it only a few months out of the year? From extreme summer heat to blowing snow and freezing temperatures, no destination should be off limits for camping fun! A four-seasons RV is exactly what you need if you want to enjoy the RVing lifestyle, no matter what Mother Nature decides to do. Here are some pros to consider when deciding whether a four-seasons RV is right for you.

Perfect Camping For Snow Lovers

While many people dread the onset of the snow and cold of winter, some can’t wait for that first snowfall! If you’re one of those people, having a four-seasons RV is exactly what you need. Thanks to high-rated insulation and furnaces, you can camp in a snowdrift and still stay comfortable. Even if you aren’t full-timing it in the winter months, it’s nice to still have the option to hitch up the RV and set up camp at a year-round campground when you’re looking to take a snowmobiling trip, wanting to hit the slopes, or if you’re looking to start a yearly sledding and camping trip tradition!

Avoid the Snowbird Crowd

Snow birding can be enjoyable for those who want to avoid the cold and snow during the winter months, but flocking down to the warmer southern states can be a huge undertaking! You’ll have the struggle of securing a site for the season, packing up your whole life in an RV, and driving days through traffic to get set up in your new location. A pro of a four-seasons RV is that you don’t have to brave the traffic to enjoy a nice winter getaway! If you love the snow but don’t want to abandon the RVing lifestyle, you can still head out and enjoy RVing in the snow!

Enjoy Lower Campground Rates, No Crowds

Unlike in southern areas, site rates for year-round campgrounds tend to be much lower during the winter season, which is generally from October to April or early May in many parks. While there tend to be some full-timers that stick around, or winter sports enthusiasts setting up camp, you won’t have to worry about overcrowded campsites and noisy neighbors when you head out for winter camping. Campgrounds aim to draw in more people during these off-season months by offering substantially lower rates. If you love the snow, want to avoid crowds, and enjoy saving money, you’ll want a four-seasons RV for a whole new adventure!

Appreciate the Beautiful Winter Wonderland

It’s easy to get out during the summer months and explore the wilderness around us, but it is admittedly much more difficult to do during the winter months, and frankly, many people would avoid venturing out without a good reason. With a four-seasons RV, you can start pushing normal boundaries of travel, and can get out for a stay during the winter months to explore! Year-round state and national parks are amazing to visit in the winter, where you can view recommended reading wildlife, explore impressive frozen water landmarks like waterfalls and streams, and just enjoy the views of snow-covered vistas!

Easy Access To Wintertime Activities

As previously mentioned, state and national parks are ideal for winter adventure lovers! Not only are many of these parks open to the public during the winter months, but the activities available can outnumber the summer activities! Many winter activities to look into include:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowmobiling
  • Ice climbing
  • Ice fishing
  • Skijoring
  • Dogsledding
  • Ice skating

Whether you’re a seasoned wintertime sportsman or are just looking to try something new, a four-seasons RV guarantees that you’ll have a pleasant, clean, and warm place to return to when you need to thaw out after your outings!

Totally Versatile Travel

While the main draw of four-season RVs is their cold camping capabilities, many RVs that offer polar packages tend to be well equipped to withstand hot weather camping trips too. Ideal RVs offer high-BTU air conditioning, with at least one 15,000-BTU unit, but the best will either come equipped with a second A/C unit or at least have the prep to add one later. Great models for camping in extreme heat also come equipped with a ceiling fan or two to keep air moving. This way, you can head out in the middle of the desert and be chill as a cucumber! On the other hand, if you’re looking for an RV that can do it all in any season, you’ll also want to look for a model that also comes with a high-output furnace to keep you toasty in the snow. A unit definitely gets bonus points if it offers a fireplace for cozy nights by the fire that will make you feel right at home! With all of these features, you can easily transition from hot to cold and stay comfortable no matter what! Ready to expand your camping horizons? Take your RV out in any weather, and keep these pros of a four-seasons RV in mind when making your next RV purchase! Here at TerryTown RV, our selection of year-round RVs is out of this world! TerryTown RV has countless brands with powerful furnaces and A/C units, high-rated insulation, enclosed and heated holding tanks, and more! Stop by today to tour adventure-ready four-seasons RVs like the Jayco Eagle, the luxurious Keystone Alpine, the industry-leading Heartland Bighorn, and many others! Can’t come to shop our Grand Rapids store? Browse our selection online and we’ll deliver it right to you!

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