Sardines Game

Camping is all about unplugging from technology, getting in tune with nature, and connecting with friends and loved ones. On your trip you want to try and find activities to foster this. The Sardines Game will have you exploring your surroundings and spending quality time with family and friends. Give this game a try for some great outdoor fun!

How to Play

This game is a lot like hide and seek, only with the Sardines Game, one person hides while the rest of the group seeks. The group of seekers counts to a number while the one hider runs off to hide. Then the group splits up and goes in search of the hider. When a seeker finds the hider, they quietly hide with them. Slowly, one by one as the seekers find the hider, the group of hiders grows. They pack together in the hiding spot like sardines in a can, hence the name of the game! The last person left seeking is the next hider!

The sardines game is a fun game for kids and adults! You have to get creative with your hiding spots when you’re the hider. You want to find somewhere tucked out of the way where you won’t be easily spotted, but somewhere big enough that the others will be able to squeeze in with you! You will probably find that with more of you hiding together, the easier it is to find you. Not only will you probably be spilling out of the hiding place, but there will probably be a lot of giggles coming from the hiding spot.

Tips and Variations of Play

Play the sardines game when it’s dark out, especially if you’re playing outside. Since the hiding spot needs to be big enough to fit more than one person, playing in the dark makes finding that spot easier for the hider and harder for the seeker.

One variation of this game is called Fugitives. The rules of the game are the same, but the players are all dressed in camouflage, making them harder to see.

Another fun version of this game is called Man Hunt. Everyone hides like in traditional hide and seek and you have one seeker. As the seeker finds those that are hiding, they join them in seeking. As they look together, if the person that was previously hiding spots someone else that is hiding, but the seeker doesn’t see them, they wave to the other hider. The other hider then waves back and the first hider can then go hide again. The game is played until everyone is finally found and together.

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