Spring Is Almost Here! Tips For Cleaning Your Camping Gear

Spring is almost here which means that the RVing season is right around the corner! But before you can hitch up and head out, you’ll need to dust off your camping gear and prepare it for the great outdoors! So get your equipment out of winter storage and get it ready for summer fun with these quick tips for cleaning your camping gear!

Hiking Boots

To clean your hiking boots, start by removing the laces and, if possible, the insoles too. Use warm water and an old toothbrush to scrub away dirt and dust, rinsing the toothbrush or scrubber repeatedly throughout the process. Avoid using soap as it can compromise the breathability of the boot. After going over each boot entirely, repeat the process again if any dirt remains. Allow the boots to dry at room temperature. You can put newspaper inside each boot to absorb excess moisture, or for quick drying you can set them in front of a fan. Avoid letting boots dry next to a fire or a heater as this can cause the boots to become brittle or stiff. Once dry, reinsert the laces and insoles and apply a waterproof coating to the boots.

Sleeping Bag

Cleaning your sleeping bag is as easy as putting it in a washing machine and closing the door (preferably a front-loading machine). Use a small amount of mild detergent and set it to wash in a gentle cycle. Avoid using fabric softeners, bleach, agitators, or solvents. To dry, put it in the dryer on low heat knowing that if it gets too hot the synthetic can melt. Add in a few clean tennis balls during the drying cycle to keep the insulation from clumping. Make sure your sleeping bag is entirely dry before loading it into your RV.

Storage Bins

Plastic totes are great for transporting camping supplies. To clean, simply use a blend of warm water and dish soap to wash the inside and outside. In lieu of dish soap, you can also use white vinegar. After washing your bins, tip them over and prop them partially upside down so that water can run out but air can still circulate to dry.

Cooking Supplies

For cooking supplies like your kitchen utensils and campfire tools, use warm water, basic dish soap, and a sponge, scrubber, or dishrag to get them clean. For a majority of your kitchen supplies, a cycle through the dishwasher will clean them sufficiently.

Portable Stove

To clean your portable stove, use a cloth to wipe it down with warm water and dishwashing soap. If a more thorough clean is necessary, take off the burner by removing the screws and clear away any food debris or built-up reside that you see. For information on cleaning your camp grill, click here!


After a long winter sit, your cooler can develop gunk, cobwebs, or dust layers that will need to be removed before you pour in your ice and fill it with beverages. To clean, simply rinse it out with mild soap and warm water. Use baking soda to remove tough stains, and for persisting odors try wiping down the interior with a cloth soaked in vanilla extract. Let your cooler air dry with the lid open.

At TerryTown RV, we believe that a great RVing season starts by getting all your camping gear cleaned up and ready for the fun ahead. If you have your outdoor equipment ready, but you’re missing a rig to put it all in, check out our selection of the best-priced RVs in West Michigan. From fifth wheels to toy haulers, we’ve got the highest quality camping trailers to hold all your freshly-cleaned outdoor gear!

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